Investor FAQ

Q. How can I obtain a copy of the REV Asia Annual Report?

A. A copy of the annual report can be downloaded in the Annual Report section of this website. 


Q. How can I obtain further information about Rev Asia Berhad?

A. Information about the company, including annual reports and financial information can be found within this website.


Q. What is the trading code for REV Asia Berhad?

A. ACE:0173 or REV:MK


Q. I'm confused, is it REV Asia or Catcha Media? Many of the press releases, media coverage and even Bursa announcements refer to Catcha Media Berhad.

A. REV Asia officially changed its name from Catcha Media Berhad to REV Asia Berhad in June 2014. The company's shares began trading under the new name and trading code with effect 0900 (GMT+7) on 25 June 2014.


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